Voice-Over Dubbing is defined as the commentary in a commercial, radio spot, video or TV program as spoken by an off-camera narrator. Foreign-language voice-overs are actually the translation of the narrative - where timing or the coordination of voice and film sequence became an important factor, along with the actual recording of the voice-over, undertaken by a native speaker voice-talent.

When executed in a professional manner as we do it here, at
MULTIMEDIA4KIDS, voice-overs have the power to improve any audio or video presentation.

Whether your company requires the translation and conversion of corporate training, commercial, educational or broadcast media, movie, entertainment, advertising, television, radio you can rely on us to provide high quality voice-overs, dubbing, narration, character voices.

MULTIMEDIA4KIDS can provide you with an all inclusive and cost-effective solution. From project evaluation and script review to time-coding, coordination, direction, translation, recording, editing and QA and all the way to the integration of on-screen graphics or text, we can help you succeed in the global marketplace.

Voice-over services can be provided in
Romanian or Hungarian languages depending on your company's requirements and target markets.

We provide native-speaking voiceover
actresses, kids and actors who have the expertise and voiceover experience

Our portfolio includes:

Production post processing                                                                                                                               Dubbing
Radio & TV Commercials                                                                                                                         Documentaries
DVD Presentations                                                                                                                                     Flash Movies
CD-Rom Presentations                  
                                                                                Computer Based Online Training
                                                                   X Complete audio repair W

       To discuss your specific needs, or to discover the cost-effective Voice-Over solution that is right for you and your company, simply contact us for a free estimate.
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